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Poker Chip Color Chart

Ever wondered if there was a scheme to the colors and values of poker chips?  Well there is.  And it changes ever so slightly depending on what part of the country you are in and what casino you are visiting.  We have made an attempt to explain this with the table that follows.  However, it is by no means guaranteed accurate.  If you find a variation, please let us know as we are constantly researching the subject.  


Poker Chip Color Chart
By Major Gaming Area

Value Nevada California Normal Atlantic City Florida Detroit MO ND
0.25  Pink   Brown     Peach    
0.50  Orange   Gray          
1.00 Blue   White White        
2.00               Pink
2.50             Blue  
5.00 Red Yellow Red Red        
10.00   Brown Blue Blue        
20.00       Yellow        
25.00 Green Purple Green Green        
50.00     Lt Blue          
100.00 Black White Black Black        
500.00 Yellow   Purple          
1000.00 White   Yellow Orange        
2000.00 Light Blue              
5000.00 Purple   Pink Gray        
10000.00     Orange          


This is by no means the definative color chart.  If you have information to add or correct, please send it to  Include your name and City, State and we will give you an editorial credit and a $25.00 gift certificate.

In my next post, we will discuss the quantity of each major color of chip needed for different numbers of players.

Happy gaming,
Reno Bill